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The Zalame Acbar Cocktail Bar - Zalame ACB is the first cocktail bar in the Negev capital city - Beer Sheva and in the south in general. The Zalame ACB was established at the end of 2016 we saw a need and decided to bring the world of bars and mixology to the capital of Negev. The Carpenter Street and its garage areas were an excellent platform for building a secret-style 20th-century bar in the United States and this is what we wanted to bring to Beer Sheva.

שתה כוסך ותהנה,

כל מה שתבקש ממני ייענה

דאוד אל כוויתי.


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The chief pharmacist of Zalame ACB. David is an avid fluid lover and one of the great serviceman in existence.

Winner of the 2017 world class competition, other mixology competitions in Israel and around the world.

David is a bartender with over a decade of experience and provides consulting services to bars, restaurants, and companies in the field of alcohol.


David Kalinchev

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Hanagarim 4 St. Beer Sheva

Tel. 054-6935522​

open hours: 19:00 - 03:00